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There can be no doubt about it, one of the enduring fascinations that captivates people of all races, stations, and walks of life is the automobile. Ever since the first model Ts rolled off the production line almost a century ago, the car has enjoyed a pre-eminent place in the imagination of the public. The auto manufacturing industry and all the spin off industries it engages is one of the most important sectors in the world.

One of the great things about cars is that unlike many other advancing technologies like insulated concrete forms, automobiles continue to be something that many people can continue to grasp on a fundamental level. After all, most of us use auto transport on a fairly regular basis, and so have at least a basic understanding of what makes a car go and the proper maintenance of a vehicle.

For many, though, the relationship with a car goes deeper to say the least. There are hundreds of different magazines, television programs, and other forms of media out there dedicated to the many categories that have been spawned by the automobile. It can be as important to a person as a home among Brampton real estate agents is to another. On this website, we are going to try and cover everything to do with cars.

That's right. Here, you can expect to find everything you need in a one stop auto fact shop (we're kind of like the minute oil change business that way). You will find articles on everything from the latest in fuel innovations to different car improvement and restoration materials and procedures.

This site is designed both for those who like cars on an intellectual level and those who like to get down and dirty under the hood. There is a difference; those who like to fix their own cars or replace their own models have a passing interest in innovations and history of the vehicles, while those more interested in the facts tend to prefer reading about innovations, history and so on rather than grease up under the carriage.

There is such a wide variety of material to cover when it comes to cars and their performance that we can guarantee that there will be no lack of material on this site. Safety, innovation, power, even road engineering are all areas of interest to anyone who likes cars, trucks, and other types of automobile transportation.

A common complaint among both car enthusiasts and restorers is that the information about their passion available out there tends to be quite compartmentalized. In other words, you can't go to a site that includes information about the history and the restoration of a '68 Mustang and still expect to be able to find information on the latest developments in fuel technology. Well, with this site we address that complaint.

You don't need to worry about subscribing to a dozen different auto magazines a month anymore, just to keep up to date on the many areas of car performance that interest you. Instead, you can just peruse the categories we have on site for the latest and most up to date information we could find and assimilate into articles on any number of issues of importance to the car fanatic.

So, whether you are interested in cars at the hands-on level or are more interested in developments in the auto industry that could revolutionize the roads we drive today, this site will have something for you. It is the perfect all in one stop for the car enthusiast or the car restorer, or both. By making this site a regular stop you can cut your own costs when it comes to the number of car magazines you purchase each month, not to mention the time you probably spend watching car shows on television and so on.

Automobiles take up an important spot in the lives of almost everyone in North America. For some people they are more than just a convenience or a means of transportation, they are a passion. It is those people, who regard cars with more than just a casual eye, for whom this site is designed.

Of course all the information in the world can't be applied practically unless there is some way to measure its validity and impact, so we will also bring you articles that focus on the facts and stats of certain issues when it comes to a smoothly running automobile. You can expect to find everything from the basic use of a turbocharger to its actual installation, and the laws regarding which further improvements you might have to make to your vehicle in order to make it road worthy.

In short, this is the site to stop at for everything car. If you are one of the millions of people who consider cars your personal hobby in one way or another, it can be a great resource to you.

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